The good old days when choosing the right mattress for yourself meant measuring your bed correctly and making a choice between a softer and the harder type of a mattress. But then things started to get more and more complicated. Today, choosing a mattress means that you really need to do your research and get all filled with information before you go mattress hunting. Even with the ideal of simply purchasing a cheap mattress you will not get really far. With that being said, let’s see what is out there on the market.


First of all, you can always go with the good old spring core mattress. Those are the ones that you probably already had or even spent your childhood on. The good side of this spring core mattress is that you can pretty much choose the hardness of your mattress and you will get a long lasting guarantee. With the correct usage and the frequent flipping, this sort of mattress will last you for years to come. The bad sides are the squeaking noises that come with age and there are some vague stories about these kinds of mattresses generating magnetic fields and not being too healthy for you because of that radiation.

Therefore, if you believe in the radiation story, or you simply cannot stand the squeaky noises, you should definitely go for a foam mattress. You will find this kind of mattress in any sort of store that sells things for your home. Although it is fairly new concept, you can find it in any store that would sell drapes or blinds. The best-selling type of these kinds of mattresses is the memory foam mattress. It is made of foam of a special density that takes the shape of your body once you are on your mattress and once you get up; it takes its old form back. In that way, you always have a mattress that it made just for you. However, the bad side of this is the fact that perhaps, your shape is not the healthiest position that you should take. Also, there are some people who feel that foam mattresses are too “artificial” and they prefer some more natural materials.


Like always, there is a solution in the middle, and it comes in the form of a mattress topper. That is a cover for your mattress which can also be made of memory foam. In this way, for far less money, you can just refresh your old mattress and still save some for new cheap curtains, for example. Even if you decide to throw your old mattress away, make sure that you contact mattress recyclers first. Disposing your old mattress is just as important as getting a new one.